KitBrix Origins by Robert Aldous, Director

I left the military after 10 incredible years and wanted to do something different, something challenging and to create something that addressed a problem and allowed me to give something back through its creation. The one thing I knew that I wanted was that feeling of being part of a fully functioning, all firing, small team who each have the specialisations but work cohesively as a group. I was very fortunate to have this in the military and I hoped to achieve this in whatever I did in the future…read more


Why do you need KitBrix?

The foundation of KitBrix development was to spend less time searching for kit and equipment and more time doing the sport that you love best. Having timed myself for a whole month moving kit, searching for gloves, getting the right shoes etc I wasted 7.3 hours just looking for kit! That is a whole day training a month, completely wasted. KitBrix was made as functional, as durable and as effective as possible to support your kit requirements.


How does KitBrix work?

The original KitBrix bag is modular and can connect to other KitBrix to save you time in transit and travel. The bag is designed to ‘stand up’ to enable you access the bag easily and give you complete visibility of your entire pack list ensuring you have complete control over your kit and ready access to what you need to support your training or competition day. The benefit of having your kit in different, easily marked sections is simple…it keeps you ready at all times at a moments notice, taking the stress out of kit preparation and keeping you in a state of calm, military like readiness. Easily stored at home, in garage and in car, the build quality of KitBrix is second to none – your kit is expensive, KitBrix will keep it safe and secure for when you need it.


How does KitBrix manufacture?

In a day and age where social responsibility and knowledge of ones own manufacturing process is vital, it is important that KitBrix understands the impact and relationships in which we manufacture our goods. We are delighted to say that all of our product materials meet REACH standards in manufacture. Our manufacturers are ISO accredited and our relationship with our suppliers, partly Asia and partly UK based, hold the highest standards of process and quality control…read more


What materials do we use?

KitBrix strength comes from its material, craft in construction, stitching and attention to detail. Tarpaulin has multiple uses in industry and challenging environments due to its strength against the elements, i.e. wind, rain, or sunlight, and its texture, flexibility and valuable qualities for everyday use. Tarpaulins are often used during the build process to protect brickwork and masonry from weather damage. Tarpaulins are also used for a fly in camping, a drop sheet for painting, for protecting the infield of a baseball field, and for protecting objects, such as unenclosed road or rail goods carrying vehicles or wood piles. Demand for tarpaulins is high in many sectors for its notable strength and durability by UK Government Railways and other organisations. It is also used on outdoor constructions to provide some protection from the elements of nature. As a core ingredient for military and expedition kit and equipment around the world, we wanted to bring the highest quality tarpaulin to the demanding training sessions and lifestyle that swimmers, cyclists and runners experience.

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